Hardscape Accessories

750x200-barWhether you simply want to utilize the right tools to complete the job or adding the finishing touches on that hardscape project, JT Landscaping and Supply has the hardscape accessories that you need to do the job right.

columnsBelvedere Column
fire-column-cap-smFire Column Cap

Make your hardscape project last by using the proper Versa-Lok pins and glue.

Have the Right Tools for the Job

The proper hardscaping tools ensure that you get the look and quality that you want. We encourage you to check out our tool guide for the information that you may need. There you will find information on:

  • Unisetter tools to fit stones of all sizes
  • Stone specific tools like the lifter extensions
  • Multi-lifters for lifting and placing up to three Versa-Lok blocks
  • Hand Tamps
  • Spikesetters
  • Soil Density Testers