Trimming or pruning shrubs and trees is a type of regular maintenance required for plants in the landscape industry. Shrubs and trees are normally the anchor in a landscape. As a result, these plants need proper care to retain their beauty, form, and shape. When done correctly, proper clipping will help to promote health and flower production. Our crews take special care to properly trim each shrub to its specific requirements. We take note to identify the different needs of all plant types in a given landscape.

Upon arriving on location we evaluate which shrubs need trimmed as well as how much needs cut back. We take into consideration each plants flowering cycle, natural growing tendency, and shape. Dead and damaged branches, as well as old wood is removed to promote new growth and reduce stress on the shrub.
Trees require less frequent maintenance. Service can range from a full canopy pruning, to simply removing low branches and root shooters. We have a variety of equipment and climbing capability, so no tree is too big or too small to be properly trimmed and have it looking its best.

Each customer’s preference and style are important to us and we strive to give a personal experience to each client. Our priority is to maintain your plants the way you like them. Whether you prefer a looser natural look, or a tighter more sculpted trim, we try to accommodate your taste. We offer complete trims, light touch ups, hand pruning, and severe cut backs of all shrub types.