Seasonal Cleanups

Spring clean up

When the snow stops, and spring is right around the corner, we begin the process of cleaning up and getting your yard ready! We clean up leaves that were late to fall or blown in from the neighbor’s yard. Perennials that grow late into the fall, or decorative grasses that stay up through the winter, all get cut back. Weeds get pulled and beds are professionally edged in preparation for the spring application of highly organic mulch.

Fall clean up

All you have to do is enjoy the beautiful colors of the changing leaves.  Let us handle them once they fall. We use rakes, backpack blowers, and push blowers to clear the leaves from your lawn, beds, and porches.  We remove the leaves from your property using a truck outfitted with a vacuum system. Decorative grasses and perennials are cut down and annual flowers are removed and disposed of.