Annual Flower Installation

Bulbs are the early birds of spring. We install them in the October and they come up year after year. Most show in late March and stay through a good part of April. The summer annuals get planted after the threat of frost is over. We usually install them around the middle of May.

A variety of flower types and colors are available for all your beds and planters. We carefully select the right flowers for the right bed locations. Full shade, part sun, and full sun are all taken into consideration to give you the best combination of healthy looking flowers. All our flowers are installed into fresh mushroom manure, which is full of nutrients to keep them looking beautiful all season long.

We also offer mums in the fall if you wish to have your flowers switched out as the cold sets in. Mums come in many different colors to mix and match, so your landscape gets a fresh pop of color that will last as the frost returns.