Irrigation Design

The key to a great irrigation system and healthy plants is a well planned irrigation design.

It is necessary to have the foresight to project plant growth years after the irrigation system installation has been completed. Sprinkler heads blocked by a large perennial do little to irrigate the plants behind them. Browned out turf due to under coverage or over-wet soggy patches due to improper overlap can leave you frustrated with the poor results and wasted money.

Countless issues can be circumvented by our professional irrigation design team laying out a thoughtful irrigation head pattern for your project. Our team will:sprinkler_design

  • Choose the proper zone control panel
  • Determine how many heads to use per zone for optimal growth
  • Select the right valves and pipe for accurate and consistent water flow

These are just some of the important design decisions that need to be thoroughly evaluated prior to installing the first line of pipe.

Ensure that your irrigation system is done right the first time. Let JT Landscaping be your partner for the planning, design and installation of your irrigation system.