About Us – The Premier Landscaper Mindset

JT Landscaping's team of expert landscapersWith our landscapers working for you, you can expect only the best experience with no small detail overlooked.
– Joe Tortorea, Owner

Striving to be the best landscaper in the Pittsburgh area.

Over the past 25 years, JT Landscaping has developed into a force in the Pittsburgh landscaping industry.  Our commitment to training, along with a dedication to continued education of our personnel with current contemporary landscaping knowledge, has proved beneficial in developing long term employees.  Customers feel confident knowing that a crew returning year after year has been helmed by the same foremen and flanking crew members.  It has given us a clear edge on our competition.


JT Landscaping has been serving its Pittsburgh area clients, both public and private, since 1991. From the beginning, founder Joe Tortorea has never lost sight of his initial concept: satisfying customers by delivering professional, reliable, and high-quality landscaping services at competitive prices.
Our equipment depth chart is unparalleled by most standards. The fleet of work vehicles, skid steers, excavators, and other equipment allows us to complete any project with ease. Our bark blower system which enables our crew to send mulch from the back of a dump truck, through the blower system, and into your mulch beds with a four inch tube, is a testament to modern landscaping techniques. Instead of using a wheelbarrow to run across your lawn hundreds of time causing turf stress and rutting, the tube carries the mulch safely with no disruption to your property. Hillside mulching that in the past was extremely difficult now becomes manageable. The 200 foot of hose allows our crew to mulch even the most difficult to reach beds as well.

Our “Premier Landscaper” Philosophy

We believe that each customer is inherently important. Each customer that comes into our facility or that we visit at their home or business is treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. The relationships that our company has forged with its customers have allowed us the privilege to serve many of them over the entire 25 years we have been in business. We believe that every job is to be completed in a timely fashion. We believe that our honesty and integrity, which are a critical part of our makeup, can be traced through all of our work. Our standard is excellence. Our delivery is accurate. Our track history well documented. We believe that if we approach every project or job with the “Premier Landscaper” mindset, we can only continue to improve.

We pride ourselves on the development of the four acre parcel JT Landscaping and Supply sits on in the Township of North Fayette. The development of the site has allowed us to expand our business not only as a design, install, maintenance landscaping company, but as a supplier of top of the line landscape products. The supply yard boasts decorative stone as well as construction aggregates. Dyed mulches and top soil rich with nutrients for planting and seeding are always available. Our nursery carries not only the basic plants such as indigenous boxwoods to rare hard to find Japanese cutleaf maples.

As a distributor for RI Lampus, the line of block and pavers available from our supply yard is extremely well versed. RI Lampus is a company with an impeccable reputation for high quality standards. They are a Pittsburgh based manufacturing company. We have had a tremendous partnership with them since beginning to carry their line of products.


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JT Landscaping
7231 Noblestown Rd
Oakdale, PA 15071
: 724-693-2795

JT Landscaping is located in Oakdale, PA. The convenient location allows us to offer residential and commercial services throughout the Pittsburgh region including both the North and South Hills, PA area. Our experts and fleet of equipment will bring you professional landscaping services from weekly lawn-maintenance to large-scale projects. We are fully equipped for landscape installations or special jobs such as french drains and walls.